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Shire of Perenjori Strategic Plan General
Education and Training Plan General > Education and Training Plan
Code of Conduct Breach Form General > Forms
Complaints Register 2022 General > Forms
Organisational Chart 2021 General > HR
Equal Employment Opportunity Plan General > HR
Workforce Plan 2019-2023 General > HR
Standards for CEO Recruitment General > HR
Town Planning Scheme 2011 General > Local Planning Scheme
Town Planning Scheme No 2 General > Local Planning Scheme
Pandemic Management Plan General > Pandemic Management Plan
Gazette 2013 General > Standing Orders
Gazette 2001 General > Standing Orders
Gazette 2015 General > Standing Orders
Public Benefit Trust Guidelines General > General Documents
Freedom of Information Statement 2022-23 General
Outbuildings Policy Submission Form General
Extract from council minutes 18.08.22 General
Strategic Community Plan & Corporate Business Plan General > Business Plan
Strategic Community Plan & Corporate Business Plan General > Strategic Community Plan
Disability and Inclusion Plan 2022-27 General > General Documents
Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members & Candidates General > HR
SoP Local Laws General > General Documents
Policy Manual (15/02/2023) General > Policy Manuals
Employee Code of Conduct General > HR
Local Recovery Plan 2024-2029 General > Local Recovery Plan
Gift Declaration Form General > Forms
Local Heritage Survey General
SoP Local Heritage Survey 2023 General > General Documents
Bushfire Risk Management Plan 2023-28 General > General Documents
Schedule of Fees & Charges 2023-24 (03/07/2023) General > Schedule of Fees and Charges
Request/Complaint Form General
2023-24 Statutory Budget General > Statutory Budget
Delegations Register (31/08/2023) General > Registers
Annual Report 2022-23 General > Annual Reports
Strategic Resource Plan General > Financial Plan
Shire of Perenjori Local Planning Policy No 1 - Tree Farms General > Local Planning Scheme
Local Emergency Management Arrangements 2024-2029 (08/04/2024) General > Local Emergency Management Arrangements
Shire of Perenjori Objectives and Reasons 2024.25 General