Grants & Funding

The Shire of Perenjori strive to assist the community wherever possible. Please follow the below links to see a variety of available opportunities including those for Small Business, Community and Sporting Groups.

Grant Opportunities

Available Grants

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Mt Gibson Public Benefit Trust Fund

The Shire of Perenjori in conjunction with Mount Gibson Mining Ltd have established a Public Benefit Agreement to support the Perenjori community.
There are two rounds of funding offered each year to the value of $100,000 contributed by Mount Gibson Mining Ltd per year. To download the application form, please click this link Perenjori Benefit Trust Fund application.

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Grant List

Grant Application Tips

The tips on this page will help you not only to determine your organisation’s eligibility to apply for a Grant, but also to prepare, plan and complete your application. Some grants require local government organisations only to submit applications. If this is the case, please contact the shire about the grant and we may be able to assist. Major details relating to the specific grant need to be filled in by your group, while the shire can fill in contact and financial details.

Step 1: Assess your project

Before you begin to prepare your application, you need to assess whether your proposed project:
• Meets all eligibility criteria
• meets all of the objectives of the Grant Program
• meets all of the assessment criteria of the Grant Program
• can be funded appropriately

Step 2: Pre-planning

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the essential factors listed under step one, consider the following:
1. Identify the need for this project and have documented evidence for this need.
2. Carefully consider whether the project can proceed without funding and identify to what extent your organisation can contribute financially or ‘in-kind’ (e.g. voluntary labour or materials) to the project. Keeping in mind it is usually asked for around 1/3 to be funded by the organisation.
3. Identify the objectives of your project and can state clearly how the implementation of the project will result in wider community benefit, and if/how it will reduce your organisation’s costs.
4. Write a letter to Council presenting your desire to apply for a grant and why.

Step 3: Consider how you will show that your project will make a difference

Demonstrate how your project will help your organisation to reduce its operational costs and/or increase revenue. Also note how your project will be sustainable – consider how it will be maintained and where you will source additional funds from in the future.
Setting performance measures is a good way of keeping your project on track; it will let you and Council know how much the grant is needed, and how successful it may be.

Set your objectives – work out what you are trying to achieve, and by what means.
The success of your project is measured against what you are trying to do – your objectives. Your project should line up to each objective, with a way to measure if it is successful or not. Think cautiously about what information you need to gather and how you are going to collect it during the planning stages of your project.
Think about a before and after picture and work out a before and after measure. For example, comparing electricity bills before and after the installation of solar heating.
To measure the projects value against the grant program’s objectives, you should tally up Performance measures:
• What you are doing now
• How the project will reduce and help you maintain cost reductions
• How the project will result in an increase in organisational sustainability (economic, governance, community and environmental)
• How the project result will benefit the community
Plan how you are going to collect your data to support measurable objectives. Data on the ‘before’ picture (called baseline) should be provided with the application. Data to demonstrate the results of the project can be collected during or after completion of the project and should be submitted as part of the project’s acquittal.

Step 4: Completing your application

Before you commence your application, it is strongly recommended that you contact the company and ask to speak with the grant coordinator.
In order to get a community project off the ground, find out as much as you can about the local community and your target audience. For example, you could run a survey in that community and use the feedback you get as evidence with your application. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) also has a wealth of statistical data that may support your submission.
Complete the application by answering all questions and supplying all information requested. Referring back to the objectives as you go and refer to why it suits the company’s “mission.” All grant applications are slightly different, and require different information as every organisation will have a different mission and request to meet specific objectives.
All applications must be certified by either the Chairperson, President or Chief Executive Officer of your organisation.
If you’re required to submit a budget with your application, make sure you:
• Are accurate and realistic – the funding organisation will spot the inconsistencies and this will reflect badly on your application.
• Don’t cut corners to be more competitive, or you will have to pay more out of the organisations pocket.
• Find out appropriate rates of pay.
• Don’t forget overheads you might need (like WorkCover, insurances, office supplies, rent, etc.).
• Get more than one quote for any equipment you will have to buy. Three is generally a good number.
• Relate any necessary equipment purchases to the aims of the project.
• Note your own contribution to the project, both your financial input and time commitment
Documentation to support your application
1. Name, position, phone numbers, postal and email addresses of the best contact person.
2. Provide a letter of support from the following types of people
• The land owner – if the applicant does not own the land/facility (this includes land owned by the shire).
• Endorsement from the sponsoring organisation agreeing to be the project sponsor (if applicable).
• Community groups that see benefit in the project
• A local Councillor.
3. Inclusion of a minimum of two (recent) quotes for proposed works, if relevant to the project proposal.
4. Provide sketch/concept designs and scope of works, if relevant to the project proposal.
5. Provide relevant approvals from Council or State Government. e.g. building approval and include details of development assessment proposal/status where relevant.
6. Check that all budget items are eligible, as per the guidelines.
7. Provide approved and pending alternative funding documentation.
8. ABN number.

Step 5: Submitting your application

Before you submit your application, ensure you have read all information carefully. Double check through your application, to ensure that you have addressed all the objectives for the grant.
Find out if you need development approval for your project by getting planning and development advice from the Shire.


• you keep a copy of your application for your records
• If it is an online submission note your login and password for future applications and for the acquittal of the grant.

Success Stories

Congratulations to all the success stories throughout the years:


Perenjori Agricultural Society

$5,000 / The Perenjori Agricultural Society has been successful in gaining funding to help with the purchase of equipment to help with the displays and competition area.

Perenjori Ladies Bowling Club

$3,000 / The Ladies Bowling Club has been successful in gaining funding to go towards the purchase of new uniforms.

Perenjori Pistol Club

$16,189.60 / The Perenjori Pistol Club has been successful in gaining funding to help with the construction of a new training shed.

R.S.L Perenjori

$1,310.10 / The R.S.L has been successful in gaining funding to help with the water and power bills at the R.S.L hall and the completion of the ANZAC memorial.

Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group

$24,000 / Yarra Yarra have been successful in gaining funding to put towards the purchase of a Community Direct Seeder.

Perenjori Tourist & Information Centre

$4,419 / The Perenjori Tourist Information & Museum have been successful for funding to go towards the supply of WIFI for 24 months, as well as an iPad and signage at the Tourist Centre.

Latham Golf and Bowling Club

$13,900.90 / The Latham Golf and Bowling Club have been successful in gaining funding to go towards the purchase of new furniture for the club premises.

Perenjori Cricket Club

$29,618.32 / The Perenjori Cricket Club have been successful in gaining funding to put towards new bowling nets.

Perenjori Agricultural Centre

$12,136 / The Perenjori Agricultural Society have been successful in gaining funding to put towards the annual Perenjori Agricultural Show.

Perenjori Community Resource Centre

$11,720 / The Perenjori Community Resource Centre have been successful in gaining funding to go towards the purchase of a Bouncy Castle and Water Slide, as well as a trailer for storage.


Perenjori Tourist Information and Museum

$33,897 / The Tourist Information & Museum have been successful for funding to go towards the Mongers Lake Lookout structure.

Perenjori Sports Club

$18,800 / Funding will go towards Perenjori Sports Club solar panel project.

North Midlands Project

$3,926 / Perenjori Exchange Project.

Perenjori Agricultural Society

$13,190 / The 77th Agricultural Show seeks to provide a wide range of entertainment such as ASPxtreme Motorbikes and Laser tagging in addition to their usual entertainment for all age groups.

Perenjori Community Resource Centre

$7,000 / An Emergency Services Ball will be an event to help raising money for our local volunteer emergency services.  Great Catering and a Band will encourage the community to come together to join the event. The CRC seeks support for the band and the catering to make a profit for the volunteering groups.

Perenjori RSL

(Tentative) Two additional steel sculptures for the Anzac Memorial Park.

Tourist Information & Museum

$7,000 (partially spent) / This project seeks to supply a guided tour through the Tourist destinations within the Shire of Perenjori on two days a week throughout wildflower season and to contract a tourism specialist to develop a website for Tourism in Perenjori 12 months of the year.


Perenjori Sports Club

$15,000 /This project seeks to plant a crop of wheat on 80ha of land which is owned by the Shire of Perenjori (40ha) and Co-operative Bulk Handling (40h).

Perenjori Bowls Club

$12,000 / The project will see an area of the outdoor surrounds of the Perenjori Bowls Green cemented. The old cement blocks got removed, the ground levelled and the existing undercover veranda extended.

Perenjori Pistol Club

$10,000 / Purchase and installation of new vehicle shed next to the Latham Sports Club for amenities and training purpose. Modern electric doors and mobile range will make response times to emergencies faster.

Perenjori RSL

$7,790 / To purchase a RSL statue for the Anzac Memorial Park and an oven for the RSL Hall.

Community Resource Centre

$16,200 / To build an alfresco area with shade protection for CRC Café ‘the Wheat Bean’. The Café has already received $30,000 in 2013 for equipment. A lot of target groups are covered in this project such as carers, tourists, tourists and the community. Local business will benefit from a welcoming heart of the town with a lovely atmosphere.


$11,751 / Installation and purchase of two new shade sail structures for the lower school playground. The P&C has received $ 25,000 in 2013 for playground equipment. Trees, which provided shade, had to be removed for safety reasons and new shade sails will be required for the protection of the children.

Perenjori Agricultural Society

$13,966 / to support the annual Agricultural Show with a Wow-factor that attracts more people to the Event.


Bush Fire Brigade

$9,722 / To provide and build a meeting room for training, as the volunteer cadets train currently in a dusty shed. A new adequate environment will encourage and support better training.

Latham Golf and Bowls Club

$9,850 / To upgrade the coolroom, as old one requires lots of maintenance.

Nissan Car Club

$8,000 / To hold a two day off road event in Perenjori in partnership with the Shire of Perenjori. The cost is compiled by traffic management, accommodation, ambulance & fire brigade attendance, event signage, camera permit and more.

Perenjori Sports Club

$5,000 / To replace the Leach Drain System, as old one is unserviceable and need is given to provide the sports club facility for all sporting, community and user groups. A probably closure of club has to happen, if no funding is taking place.

Townscape Enhancement Committee

$20,000 / To purchase a flying fox and outdoor fitness equipment to improve children and community entertainment.

Perenjori Women’s Playgroup

$4,500 / To update and add to current playgroup resources; to provide furniture and storage to make toys more accessible; and to set up play area to encourage educational and social skill situations for the playgroup children.

Perenjori RSL

$6,820 / To assist with the refurbishment of the existing building.

Perenjori Netball Club

(In process) $15,000 / An equipment shed will assist the efficiency of the club, has encouraged a partnership between the netball club and the tennis club, and will improve quality of access to club activities by providing shelter and storage, while minimising injury and damage to the courts.


Shire of Perenjori

$8,000 /To purchase a new 21 seater Community Bus.

Perenjori Algea Production Project Group

$9,927 / A joint venture between the Perenjori Algae Production Project Group and James Cook University (QLD). The project will see a 12 month trial established in Perenjori for the propagation of micro-algae with the intent that at the end of the trial the collected data results will indicate if the algae can be commercially produced as an agricultural fertiliser or developed into other commercial opportunities.

Perenjori St John Ambulance

$15,000 /To refurbish the upstairs area of the Perenjori St John Ambulance Sub Centre. This includes creating a bedroom and lounge area, Installing two split system air conditioners and installing carpet.

Latham Golf and Bowls Club

$8,895 /Purchase and installation of guttering and water tanks to collect the runoff of rainwater from the bowling green shade structures. Also to purchase a bowling green vacuum cleaner to maintain the new carpet bowling green.

Perenjori Golf Club

$17,471 / To install synthetic turf on the newly installed tee boxes.

Latham Golf and Bowls Club

$2,530 / to purchase new seating for the Latham Bowling Club.

Perenjori RSL

$2,530 / To repair of RSL Building windows

Perenjori Centenary Committee

$31,000 / Publishing of the book commissioned for the Perenjori Centenary “Sound of the Cockies”


North Midlands Bowling Club

$3,800 / To purchase team shirts that can be worn whilst representing the North Midlands Area.

Perenjori Sports Club

$2,185 / To purchase catering equipment, including a Pizza oven, Bain Marie, Dough Mixer.

Latham Golf and Bowls Club

$14,000 / To purchase shade sails for the Bowling green in Latham.  This would allow spectators and players to watch and enjoy some protection from the weather.

Perenjori Primary School

$25,000 / To refurbish, purchase and install new equipment for K-7 students.

Perenjori RSL

$4,820 / To renovate and complete some remedial works on the RSL building used by the Perenjori Play Group.  Building needs painting, new guttering and doors.

Perenjori Sports Club

$14,850 / The Perenjori Sports Club are looking at replacing the motor in their cool room, as they have been without a Cool room for a number of weeks now.

Latham Golf and Bowls Club

$2,120 / To replace the worn out flag poles used on the golf course, along with providing a telecommunications service at the Sports Club in case of emergencies

Perenjori St John Ambulance

$12,000 / To purchase air conditioning for St John Ambulance building that has been built in town.

Tourist Information & Museum

$2,793 / To purchase new Computer Equipment to enable the volunteer committee to be able to get information out more efficiently and coordinate with other visitor centres. It will also provide improved tourist experience of the town.

Bush Heritage Australia

$10,000 / Blues for the Bush Open Day 2013


Teach, Learn, Grow

$1,500 / To provide tutoring and mentoring services to schools in rural and remote locations.  University Students come into the primary schools and mentor students 1 on 1, to tutor literacy and numeracy.

Community Resource Centre

$30,000 / To redevelop the Community Resource Centre into a coffee shop, and to take over the running of the library from the Shire. Creating a social hub, and starting the process of revitalising the Perenjori CBD.

Perenjori Cricket Club

$4,160 / To purchase a bowling a machine for the club, that can be used to improve the training for the club.

Latham Golf and Bowls Club

$2,922 / To provide a comfortable outdoor setting, to encourage more social activities at the club.  It will also be used to purchase shirts for the club that will be used for playing competitive matches.

Perenjori Bowls Club

$13,510 / To update facilities and create a safer inclusive environment, by upgrading the paving and fencing around the bowls green.