Perenjori Gym

Next to the Perenjori Aquatic Centre on Mullewa-Wubin Hwy, there is an air-conditioned 24 hour gym with a mix of cardio equipment, free weights and other equipment to cover every muscle group. Change rooms are available to help you freshen up after your workout.

Latham Gym

The Latham Community Hall has been converted! A versatile 24 hour gym with a variety of machines, including exercise trampolines and the popular vibration machine, excellent for rehabilitation. This spacious environment is warm in winter, and has fans to keep you cool in the summer, so that you can exercise all year round.

Why should I join the Gym?

Are you stuck in the same repetitive pattern, whether that is lazing on the couch, or walking the same loop of town? Why not mix it up with an array of machines, free weights and exercise equipment at the Perenjori or Latham gym? The equipment provided is designed to work all muscle areas in order to firm up your body. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes you not only happier, but more improves daily productivity and most importantly – your health.

Personal Care

If you have, or are recovering from an injury, please consult a health or fitness professional before using any of the equipment, and remember to only work to your personal limit. Please remember to keep hydrated and always wear appropriate enclosed shoes in the Gym environment and to take a towel along with you.

Membership Fees (no charge for Perenjori residents)





1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


12 Months



For membership enquiries, please contact the Perenjori Shire Reception on 9973 or visit in person at 56 Fowler Street, Perenjori.