Perenjori Public Benefit Trust Fund

The Shire of Perenjori in conjunction with Mount Gibson Mining Ltd have established a Public Benefit Agreement to support the Perenjori community.

There are two rounds of funding offered each year to the value of $100,000 contributed by Mount Gibson Mining Ltd per year.

This fund is administered by the Shire of Perenjori under the direction of a committee consisting of the Shire President, a member of the Perenjori community appointed by the council and a representative from Mount Gibson Mining Ltd.

This trust will look to support projects that will provide long-term social benefits to Perenjori. Please see the ‘Grant Guidelines’ below.

*Sports clubs are asked to do a ASC Health Check, which has to be attached to the application to fulfill the criteria. The Australian Sports Commission has designed an online assessment tool called the Club Health Check which takes only 45 minutes. It aims to help sporting clubs examine how they are operating and identify areas of improvement.

To download the application form, please click this link Perenjori Benefit Trust Fund.

To download the grant guideline, please click this link Grant Guideline