Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027

Welcome to the Shire's Strategic Community Plan.

This is the key planning document for the Shire, detailing our vision for the future and encapsulating your ideas for the future of your place and community. This is a growth plan for our Shire. It details a number of key investments that we believe will enable us to reach our population target of 1,000 people resident within the Shire within 10 years.

It creates a blueprint for the investment in our future, the key development priorities and a partnership approach for working with you, the private sector and tiers of government. As a blueprint, it will inform the annual budgetary process of Council and is strongly and integrally linked with the Corporate Business Plan. It is a key guide for Councils decision making and will be reviewed every two years. The planning process and delivery will create long-term and tangible benefits to the community and our partners.

It outlines our plans to develop our community’s potential. It outlines a strategy to capture the growth potential from the Mining Industry that will enable our local businesses and community to harness the economic development potential from the regions new growth driver. It also outlines a strategy to develop the potential of the environmental assets of the Shire and become a centre of conservation, research and nature based recreation and tourism.

The Strategic Plan also recognises our core industry of Agriculture and its ongoing contribution to the local community and economy. Finally the plan captures the future growth driver that renewable energy will play, as the region is known for having the best solar generating capacity in the world. Renewable energy will therefore become a key driver for
growth in the medium to long term for the Shire of Perenjori.

It outlines an approach which is not new to the Shire but has evolved in the planning process for our Strategic Plan. This approach is to have a high level of community engagement in our decision making and planning processes. The Shire has determined that community members will be involved in all local planning and project processes to the greatest extent possible.

The plan creates a capital works plan that is ambitious, broad ranging and demonstrates a strong commitment to building infrastructure both economic and social that will create the platform for growth for our Shire. The program requires a broad ranging investment approach utilizing Shire rates and external funding sources. Councillors, community, key stakeholders and senior staff have worked diligently on developing this Strategic Community Plan and ensuring it represents the views, needs and future plans of the community. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all those involved in its development.

The next 10 years will be very exciting in the Shire of Perenjori’s history and the shire and community are well placed to deliver on this exciting plan. I commend this document to you.

Download the Shire of Perenjori Strategic Community Plan