Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Perenjori offers a great range of habitats for bird watching.

Surprisingly high numbers of water birds seasonally inundate the dryer inland areas, highlights being Black Tailed Native Hens, Pink-eared Ducks and Red-kneed Dotterels. Areas of mulga scrub are home to such birds as the Mallee Fowl, Bush Turkey, Mulga Parrot, Black Honeyeater, Redthroat and Masked Woodswallow.

Stands of larger trees such as Salmon Gums are frequented by the larger parrots, such as Western Corella, Red Tailed Black Cockatoos and Pink and Grey Galahs.

Other notable species to be found in the local bush land are White Fronted Honey Eater, White Browed Babblers, Splendid and Variegated Fairy Wrens and inland, Chestnut-rumped, and Yellow-rumped Thornbills. The Short Billed Black Cockatoo can still be found breeding in areas where remnant vegetation stands have been conserved.

A birding trip in association with outstanding wildflowers will prove a rewarding and relaxing experience.

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