Shire News

On the 17 June 2019, five elected members from the Shire of Perenjori gave notice of their resignation. Due to these resignations the Council was left without the minimum number of Councillors required to be able to hold a meeting.

Today by Order, His Excellency the Governor in Executive Council has declared the remaining four offices of members of the Shire Council vacant. By the same Order, the Governor has appointed a Commissioner to assume the duties and discharge the functions of the Council.

The Commissioner’s appointment will end on 31 May 2020 or until the offices of elected members are filled and the Council holds its first meeting.

Because of these developments, the Show Cause Notice issued to the Shire on 31 May 2019 has no further effect.

I would like to thank Cr Cunningham, Cr Hepworth, Cr Hirsch, Cr Pohl, Cr Reid, Cr Smith, Cr Waterhouse, and Cr White for their contribution and service to the community and support of Council staff.

I would like to thank the community for the support you have shown me during my time as a Councillor and the Shire President. It has been an honour to represent such a community and to be a part of many great projects. The appointment of a Commissioner is an opportunity to stabilise the operations of the Shire and to take measures to ensure good governance is re-established. I look forward to the election of a new Council in 2020 and the opportunities this will bring the community.

Laurie Butler