Environmental Health

The Shire of Perenjori Building/ Health/ Planning Services can assist you with information and advice relating to the following areas:

  • Approval of effluent disposal systems
  • Building licence approvals
  • Environmental health surveillance
  • Drum Muster Coordinator
  • Environment Protection Inspector
  • Food premise compliance
  • Food handling, preparation and storage
  • Infectious disease investigations
  • Management and monitoring of the Shire public swimming pool
  • Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Public buildings
  • Private swimming pools
  • Refuse collection
  • Refuse disposal site management
  • Shire buildings maintenance
  • Shire buildings construction
  • Town planning (Statutory)
  • Vector monitoring and control
  • Water sampling (potable and recreational).

Septic Tank Application Form

For more information

Please contact the Building/Health/Planning Services at the Shire of Perenjori on:
P 08 9973 0100 F 08 9973 1029