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Perenjori Shire takes power back


Electricity users in the Shire of Perenjori are taking their power back as they gear up for the region’s first ever Renewable Energy Summit in two weeks.

After decades of suffering power outages ranging from 20 minutes to 25 hours because of their location on the edge of the grid, the Shire of Perenjori are seeing renewable energy as the solution to their problems.

Shire President Laurie Butler said he welcomed the recent installation of Western Power’s BESS battery system, but it only solved power outages under four hours and the Shire had bigger aspirations.

“About four years ago, a study was conducted into the financial feasibility of solar thermal and we are determined to breathe life back into that model as sustainable, dispatchable power for our community and surrounding farms and businesses,” he said.

Organised by the Greens and the Shire of Perenjori, the Renewable Energy Summit will host  experts in renewable energy, surrounding local councils, stakeholders and mining companies who are interested in developing renewable energy solutions on the edge of the grid.

“The blue sky thinking is that we might get enough interested parties to invest in WA’s first solar thermal plant. This would create jobs, a tourism attraction and long term energy solutions that powers our town 24 hours a day,” said Mr Butler.

WA Greens Energy spokesperson Tim Clifford congratulated the Shire on their ‘future thinking’ ideas to make Western Australia 100 per cent renewable by 2030.

“This is what leadership looks like, when local governments think outside the box with courage and look for solutions that will reduce our reliance on dirty coal, create jobs and harness free energy from the sun,” he said.

The Summit is on September 27 from 10am to 3pm, at the Perenjori Sports Pavilion

Speakers are:

·         WALGA Andrew Blitz Procurement and Category Manager, Business Solutions – WALGA new procurement process for renewable energy

·         Ray Wills Future Smart – The Big picture of change in Energy

·         James Eggleston CUSP – The detail of renewable energy solutions

Media contact: Sarah Quinton 0439 439 233

Shire of Perenjori CEO: Ali Mills 0427 731 004


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