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November update from the CEO


The following activities are a focus this month:

Migration strategy – raised throughout the community consultations and included in the Community Strategic Plan is a strategy to explore welcoming immigrants to our community to assist with the declining population numbers.  The CEO has made contact with the Metropolitan Migrant agency that supports and assist immigrating families and people into housing, employment and support services.  The following points have been discussed to date to begin exploring whether this opportunity could be progressed:

Establish a community group to explore the opportunity – such a “migration strategy” needs to have a majority support from the community and needs to be driven by the community;

Identify housing and employment options – this includes filling vacant positions, working with mining both Karara and Mount Gibson and others to explore their needs for a local workforce;

Identify potential support services – English classes, counselling services, although it is aimed to attract people already well settled, and those looking for a rural lifestyle, there still may be a need for some low-level support services;


Karara Meeting – CEO met with Patrick Burke –General Manager – HR, HSE and Communities

The following matters were discussed:

  • Solar Power –  Commercial and/or more local reliable power source
  • Road maintenance, reviewing the need for maintenance and at what levels,
  • Senior Staff and Councillor Mine Tour – To assist in improving relations with KML, a mine tour is being requested to also improve Councillor awareness of KML
  • Migration Strategy – and the opportunity to work with Sodexo to assist with meeting their labour needs.  Patrick is very keen to partner the Shire on this initiative if it progresses.


Tourism Strategy – Draft Report – a draft report has been provided with feedback now sought.  Many thanks to Cr Robin Spencer and Paddy King for their involvement in this project.  The report provides an analysis of the current situation, our product, marketing, competitors with the suggestion of strategies and an action plan.  It is proposed to bring the final report to council for consideration at the December meeting.


BESS – backup power source

Provided by Western Power:

As you may know, the Perenjori BESS was scheduled for commissioning in late October. This work went ahead and we are pleased to say that the system is operational. However, it is not functioning to our performance standards at present and final commissioning is still to be completed. We continue to work hard to get the BESS operating at the highest technical and safety standard.

You may have noticed a short (30 minute) outage on Thursday afternoon. This was related to a misinterpretation of messages between the network and BESS. These complex systems are the focus of much of the work occurring at present. The BESS has therefore been taken offline for the next few days, with the aim of bringing it back online next week. No outages are required for this.


Chief Executive Officer

Ali Mills