About the Council

The Perenjori Shire Council strives to be a forward thinking local government association providing leadership and direction to its community. We are working towards ensuring a successful future for our community by diversifying and taking advantage of opportunities. The council consists of nine members. Councillors are elected by the constituents and serve a two or four year term. At the end of this term the councillor’s position will be open for re-election. Community members are encouraged to contact your local Shire councillors with any queries, issues or suggestions that you would like addressed at Council.

Council Mission Statement

Vision: The Shire of Perenjori is the inland centre of mining, industry and agricultural development in Mid West region of WA.

Mission: Council will provide leadership and facilitate service provision to ensure that the Shire of Perenjori is a great place to live, work, conduct business and invest.

Our Key Assets:

– A Shire that invests in diversity of people, industries and environment to ensure our sustained prosperity.
– A community that is innovative, vibrant and resilient.
– A place rich in natural resources and biodiversity, with great facilities making it an attractive place to live and work.

Our Values:

Integrity – We behave honestly to the highest ethical standards.
Accountability – We are transparent in our actions and accountable to the community.
Inclusiveness – We are responsive to the community and we encourage involvement by all people regardless of their age, culture or gender.
Commitment – We translate our plans into actions and demonstrate the persistence that will produce results.