About the Council

The Perenjori Shire Council strives to be a forward thinking local government association providing leadership and direction to its community.

We are working towards ensuring a successful future for our community by diversifying and taking advantage of opportunities.

The council consists of nine members. Councillors are elected by the constituents and serve a two or four year term. At the end of this term the councillor’s position will be open for re-election.

Community members are encouraged to contact your local Shire councillors with any queries, issues or suggestions that you would like addressed at Council.

Council Mission Statement


Perenjori will be dynamic and innovative and build on its key industries – mining, agriculture, energy and the environment to deliver sustained growth for its communities.  The community and Council will build on its resilient, adaptive and strong community spirit to create a place that people want to live, work and invest in.  In every regard, Perenjori will EMBRACE OPPORTUNITY.


The Shire of Perenjori will lead and partner the community to achieve its aspirational targets for the future.  The Shire will work collaboratively with the community and partners and provide open deliberative decision making that empowers the community to participate.  The Shire is the community’s servant as well as its leader.

Our Key Assets:

A Shire that invests in diversity of people, industries and environment to ensure our sustained prosperity.
A community that is innovative, vibrant and resilient.
A place rich in natural resources and biodiversity, with great facilities making it an attractive place to live and work.

Our Values:

Entrepreneurial and Resourceful – The key value that describes Perenjori is encapsulated in this question ‘how can we help?’  Perenjori is entrepreneurial and resourceful and they like to add value and solve problems for people.  They are keenly interested in making things happen without necessarily counting the benefit or how it’s distributed.  They have an appetite for risk and they say yes to opportunities and then make them happen.

Resilient and adaptive – Perenjori has been a community that has faced very tough times.  As a community it has a key value of learning how to respond to challenges and bouncing back from the most difficult of circumstances.  It believes strongly in adapting and changing to get the best result.

Spirit and Independence – Perenjori is a community that values its independence and has a strong sense of identity.   Its culture of resourcefulness and valuing hard work undoubtedly has its roots in its pioneering history and derives from the isolation and challenge to survive in a farming area that is on the edge of the pastoral zone.   It also has generated the spirit of generosity and giving that creates the high levels of community spirit and volunteering.

Strength through Partnerships and Diversity – Whilst valuing its independence, Perenjori is a community that also values interdependence.  It actively works to partner with other Shires, Regional organisations, business and industry and all parts of Government to achieve mutual goals.  The Shire recognises that it alone cannot achieve the outcomes needed for the future prosperity of the community. Working together in a united fashion creates more strength for the future.

Ethical and upfront – The Shires commitment is to honesty, integrity and accountability. It believes it should be held to account for its performance and results that it generates. It also believes that the way in which it undertakes its leadership role is important and is committed to being accountable for its commitments and honest in all its dealings.  Trust is a key ingredient in relationships and Perenjori believes people will want to do business with them if they hold true to their values.

Financial Sustainability – The Shire has a core value that it must have the capacity to manage its finances in the long-term to enable the community’s expectations to be met and growth to be delivered on.   It will manage its resources to create the greatest net gain and invest strategically in projects and programs that bring the greatest long term good.