Sporting Groups

Sport plays an integral part in building communities; it aids in achieving a wider physical and mental health for all ages, and provides social and economic benefits. Sport plays a significant role in shaping our nation’s identity and building strong communities, especially regionally!

Regionally, sport is what we all look forward to, getting out there and being active with friends, having a laugh and letting that competitive streak run wild. Perenjori and Latham both have an excellent range of Sporting Facilities and Sports Clubs for those people that want to get fit whether it is a solo mission or a team sport, there is something to suit everyone.

It is highly recommended to get youth involved in sport as it not only is a good motivator, but it also is proven to assist them at school socially and in regards to their grades. There is opportunities around the shire for all ages, please feel free to contact any of the clubs and find out what opportunities they can present.

Why sport and recreation clubs are important
• Active kids learn better.
• People of all ages who participate in sport and recreation are physically and mentally healthier.
• Clubs bring people and communities together.
• Meet lifelong friends.
• Some of the best conversations you will ever have with your kids will be in the car to and from training or a game.
• Learn positive values.
• People who join clubs feel part of the community and develop a sense of pride in that community.
• New challenges are faced and skills are learnt all the time.
• It’s fun!
Why you should consider volunteering for a club
• You will be helping your kids.
• You will be a good role model and promote your kids to help out in the future.
• It is a different type of family time and can bring the family closer.
• You will learn new skills or be able to keep applying old skills.
• Club mates can become best mates.
• Pride in helping your community
• It’s fun!