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Community Strategic Plan – Draft for Feedback



Dear Community Member’s

This is the final stage of the Community Strategic Plan consultation.  We thank all who have contributed their ideas and views over the past 2 to 3 months.

Attached is a draft of the Vision, Mission, Five Key Strategy Areas and Objectives based on the Communities and Council feedback.  What is important now is to check the draft plan with the community to ensure we are going to deliver what is expected.

Page 10 onwards provides the detail of what is being planned, when and the priority level. Please feedback any comments to assist in developing the final document.

The Corporate Business Plan will then be developed providing the detail of the how which will be reviewed every year and will be the guide for Council in the annual budget process

Please feel free to send feedback through by email to, by fax: 99731029 or call on 99730100 to arrange a presentation for your group or for a meeting. Had copies of the document will be available at the Shire or CRC Counters.

Please select the link below to view the document:

Community Strategic Plan