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Out of the CEO’s office – April


A big thank you to Olivia Hanson and Narelle King for the awesome work they have contributed over the past three to four months.  Both their efforts have seen projects developed and actioned along with our usual communication activities and events.  Both Olivia and Narelle brought some unique skills which they shared freely whilst with the Shire helping to progress activities.  It is great to welcome Christina Laue back to Perenjori who has returned from an extended break overseas and is well rested and ready to go.

Emily Sutherland has been assisting the Shire in the interim whilst we are waiting for the new MCDS to arrive.  Emily also has contributed significant efforts demonstrating her efficiencies in attending to outstanding matters in the Governance, Building, planning and policy areas.

 Corporate Business Plan – this is in a final draft form and will now be released for public comment.  This will be available on the website as well as in hard copy from the Administration office.  Please feel free to feedback any comments to myself or Emily Sutherland,

 The following projects and activities continue to be progressed:

 Pavilion Re-Development – Geraldton Building Services and Cabinets from Geraldton have been contracted to complete the works and have commenced preparing the outside area and clearing the kitchen ready for refurbishment.  The works are will take approx. 14 weeks.  Whilst under construction the facility will be unavailable for use.

Western Power – Street lighting – Western Power have logged the need to repair lights throughout the town site and have committed to these being repaired over the next 4 weeks.  In addition, clips will be included to secure the covers of the lights to assist with minimising damages caused by Corella’s.  Any lights not working can be reported to the Town Team Leader – Marc Benett, 0427731005,

Perenjori Business Survey – Community members have been asked to complete a feedback survey to gain an understanding of residents needs in terms of goods and services as well as current buying habits.  The aim is to gauge feedback on variables which can impact people’s decisions on where they buy from.  To date we have had 32 responses, with no analysis of the data available as yet.  Once the data has been collated this information will be presented to businesses and the community, which we envisage will assist in future business planning and business improvements. Congratulation to the winner of the draw in receiving a voucher to be used at a local business. The winner has been notified.

 Blues for the Bush – Sunday in Perenjori – Planning has commenced with the operations team well underway.  As an extension to the event this year aims to offer low level activities for people to stay in Perenjori on the Sunday.  This will aim to offer a “homemade” mini market, music, art and crafts, circus acts, film night, free camping and heritage trail – passport activity for children.  The aim is to secure commitment and involvement from local business and community groups with the opportunity to showcase the hospitality of the town.  A meeting calling interest will be held in the coming weeks to enable views, ideas and concerns to be addressed.

Operational and staffing matters – a whole of staff gathering was held at the depot on April the 5th first thing in the morning.  The meeting provided opportunity to give staff an update on progress of Council decisions and projects.  The Shire President and Camerelli Associates (HR consultants) attended at the request of the CEO to thank staff for their great work covered across the Shire in all areas. It was acknowledged there is negativity existing in a small group in the community which is disheartening and has impacted individuals and families.  The general consensus was there is a lot of positive improvements happening across the Shire and that resources and energy should be focussed on these.  A light breakfast was enjoyed by all after the meeting.

Fixed Wireless Network – Council has provided support for a Node1 submission to the Digital Farms grant – This is to provide a Fixed Wireless network to the North Midlands specifically aimed at providing metro grade, affordable internet access to farming businesses. The grant would come through Commonwealth funding and is a continuation of our Shire’s and other North Midlands Shires efforts to provide a more affordable, reliable, fast and sustainable internet service.

 Solar Panels for PECC – A rebate has been received from GG Pumps as a result of the Aquatic project through the Renewable Energy Certificates and certificates that can be claimed for the PECC project.  Similar to the system set-up on the Aquatic Centre, it is proposed to use install a solar system with 34 x 270w solar panels and 34 x Enphase Micro inverters.  This system should see a reduction in the energy bills by 60 % assisting in the long-term sustainability of the centre.

Telecommunications – Council is aware there are still blackspot areas in the Shire.  There are two towers which are still to be installed and connected one on the Great Northern Highway – close to Mount Gibson and the other in the far north of the Shire on the Cunningham’s property.  It is identified there is a blackspot in the south west of the Shire which will be pursued with the Commonwealth and State governments.  Further to this it will be sought to have the existing “older” towers upgraded from 3 G to 4GX to assist with increasing speed and capacity across the town and surrounding areas.